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About Us

Why Dressvibe ?
Dressvibe connects fashion designers to local and international customers. It uses proprietary Artificial Intelligence Technologies and Augmented Reality to conveniently and accurately allow customers to get measured using their phone.
Our Vision
Smarter delivery of purpose-driven bespoke garment that is personalized, competitive, and embody rich outfit.
Our Technology
An e-commerce platform-of-platforms for connecting Bespoke Fashion Designers to local and international customers using Artificial Intelligence and proprietary anthropometric algorithms

Our Features

Fashion Designer
DressVibe App


Four Step Process

1) Set up your store on Dressvibe
2) Get local and International customer
3) Receive and accept orders
4) Ship order and get paid

Six Step Process

  • Tell DressVibe Siri the occasion you want to dress for. Example: ‘Dress for Nigerian Party’ , ‘Office Dress’, ‘Indian Casual Dress ’
  • DressVibe Siri is an Artificial Intelligence Fashion expert.
  • She helps you to select style and Tailors that matches your request.
  • Find a Fashion Designer from robust collection of Designers and styles.
  • Get measured using your mobile phone and make payment
  • Your Custom dress (es) gets delivered to your door steps with fitness and delivery-time guaranteed!

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